The market is radically changing which is reflected in new habits, needs, desires, ways of communicating and consuming. Digitalization allows companies to improve their performance, increase their productivity and access new markets.

The digital revolution is transforming the world in many aspects and modern technologies are changing the way we interact, communicate and consume products and services. Companies, whatever the size or industry, must be prepared to meet their new customers ’needs and demands. Technology and digitalization have opened new possibilities to improve their production processes, how to position themselves in the market and how to communicate with their customers.

What is digital business transformation?

Digital business transformation does not consist in having a greater digital presence; it is a transformation process that affects all areas and levels of a company and requires a strategic planning to generate better results.

Digital business transformation could be a slow process that, to make sense, must accomplish productivity optimization. Before initiating a digitalization process, it is essential to establish your objectives, what your competitors are doing and how digitization can improve your relationship with consumers. Why you should embrace digital business transformation?

  1. Increase productivity

Business digitalization allows you to better evaluate all production processes, analyze intensely each step and identify problems, incongruities and challenges accurately. The digitization of documents and the disappearance of space and time barriers derived into an optimization of resources and the streamlining of the production and commercialization processes.

Digitalization allows business to be more efficient. According to the study ‘Walking the digital tightrope’, published by Fujitsu, the companies that have embraced digitization have improved their efficiency by 39%.

  1. Reduce operating costs

Business digitalization reduces operating costs up to 20% and improves efficiency. It also enables efficient cost management that implies a more effective control of production and sale processes. Digitalization also allows companies to create new business models and revenue sources.

  1. Improve customer experience

Another advantage of business digitalization is that it helps to provide a better customer experience and improves communication with customers. Digitalization generates a closer bond with clients and prospective customers and create added value for them. It also allows the use of new sales ’channels, such as e-commerce or social media networks. Just developing a website, allows your company to be in the market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  1. Facilitate internal processes integration

Digitalization allows business systematization and organizational development. This process increase consistency in work output because everyone doing the same job is following the same instructions and increment effectiveness and efficiency since there is a standard process to work from. It also facilitates the alignment of objectives of the company, employees and customers. Databases acquire a fundamental role for decision making and for the implementation of the corresponding tasks.

  1. Open new market possibilities

Businesses digitalization also enables the incursion in new markets. Before the rise of technologies, distances were an obstacle for business internalization; now all you need is a good digital communication strategy and have the right logistics to reach new markets.

  1. Strengthen and enhance your brand

For many businesses, digitalization not only implies a greater fluency of their internal processes, but also give the organization a competitive advantage in the market.

How to implement an effective digitization of a company?

The digitalization of an organization is not a goal, but a way to improve business management and increase productivity. Currently, digitalization is not an option, but a necessity if you want your company to be successful. Due to the continuous and fast technological transformation, the market has radically evolved. Consumers have changed their habits, needs, desires, ways of communicating and consuming. If you can not read and understand this new scenario, all the money spent on the best technology and applications won’t make a difference for your organization.

An effective business digital transformation must be based on these three pillars: people, automated information management, intelligent digital communication.

Digitalization does not only mean less paper and more digital presence; furthermore, these actions are consequences of the digital evolution. A true digital transformation should affect all areas of the company.

How to start? A good point would be to carry out a thorough analysis of the company’s processes and see how technology could have a positive impact on them.

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